A month of mission.
A lifetime of evangelism.
A passion for life.

Churches across the UK and Ireland are gathering and preparing for a united month of mission leading up to Easter 2022. WIll you stand with us?

Podcasts, blogs and webinars to help church leaders reflect on and invest in the culture of mission in the local churches they lead.

coming Autumn 2021

Resources to help leaders equip congregation members to journey with people towards faith and life in Christ.

coming Autumn 2021

In anticipation of a focussed month of mission leading up to Easter 2022, evangelistic speakers/events and other resources to be released.

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Featured blog
A Passion for Life rallies churches and Christians around the UK and Ireland to proclaim one message. We asked Nick McQuaker - Co-Chair of A Passion for Life - to remind us of the need for and the power of that message.