What is A Passion for Life?

A movement to see the gospel of Christ proclaimed across the UK and Ireland.

Local church mission

Resourcing all-year-round evangelism.

A Passion for Life serves as a rallying cry for local churches of the UK and Ireland to stand together in proclaiming the good news of life in Jesus Christ.

The central delivery team’s role is to enthuse local churches with resources and ideas to help stimulate an all-year-round culture of evangelism.

A month of mission in the lead up to Easter 2022.

A local church mission – there will be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ template to follow. It will be up to each church to learn from others, to use what central resources are helpful, and to decide how they want to reach out in their own context. It could include:

  • High profile jointly organised evangelistic events at prominent locations in your region.
  • Low profile initiatives such as clearing the church diary for a month so congregation members have the time and space to prayerfully and meaningfully connect with neighbours, colleagues and friends.

It is not meant as a one-off mission but a new base level for each church to build from. God willing, we will make progress on mission together.

Partnering regionally

Resourcing nationally

A central delivery team is supporting local churches through helping them:

Train in personal evangelism

Personal evangelism training resources to help you plan and equip your congregation in the lead-up to the month of mission.

Resource their mission

coming Autumn 2021
  • Evangelistic speakers and events for you to book for your church or region
  • Evangelistic books, gospels, tracts and other resources
  • Resources to help you promote the mission

Continue to develop their culture of mission

Biblical principles and real life examples from ministry people across the UK and Ireland to be shared through webinars, podcasts and blogs.

The history

A Passion for Life started as an initiative of the Regional Gospel Partnerships.

In 2010 and 2014 A Passion for Life facilitated two nationwide missions.

Who's involved?

The central delivery team is guided by a representative steering group from across the UK and Ireland.
The trustees provide governance of the charity as well as theological oversight.

Delivery Team

Le Fras Strydom
Operations Lead
John MacKinnon
Training & Training resources
Christine Armstrong
Marketing & Production
Suzanne Malton
Alan Witchalls
Jon Bradley
John Millist
User Experience

Steering Group

Jeremy Marshall
Board member of various Christian organisations (Sevenoaks)
Nick McQuaker
Development Officer for the Regional Gospel Partnerships, Director of the Sussex Gospel Partnership (Haywards Heath)
Felix Aremo
Training Manager, London City Mission (London)
Ray Brown
Minister, Gracechurch Brockley (London)
Jonathan Carswell
CEO, 10ofthose
Roger Carswell
Itinerant Evangelist (Leeds)
Kay Carter
UK National Director, Christianity Explored Ministries
Steve Casey
Pastor, Speke Baptist Church (Liverpool)
Nay Dawson
IFES Europe Regional Training Coordinator (Southampton)
Ed Drew
Director of Faith in Kids (London)
Craig Dyer
Training director, Christianity Explored (Glasgow)
Marty Gray
Minister, Ravenhill Presbyterian Church (Belfast)
Grace Holt
Local church ministry, North Kensington (London)
Barry King
Pastor of Dunstable Baptist Church and Leader of Grace Baptist Partnership
David Martin
Director of Irish Church Missions (Dublin)
Lee McMunn
Minister, Trinity Scarborough and Mission Director of AMiE (Scarborough)
Brian O’Donoghue
Team Leader: Partnerships and Projects, St Helen Bishopsgate (London)
Andy Paterson
Mission director for FIEC (Edinburgh)
Elspeth Pitt
Women’s worker, Highfields Church (Cardiff)
Tamar Pollard
Director for Families, Children’s and Youth Ministry, Grace Community Church (Bedford)
Tom Price
Academic tutor, Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (Oxford)
Simon Smallwood
Pastor, Grace Community Church (Bodmin)
Karen Soole
Women’s worker, Trinity Church Lancaster (Lancaster)
Mark Thomas
General Secretary – Evangelical Movement of Wales (Wrexham)
Rico Tice
Senior Minister – Evangelism, All Souls Langham Place (London)


John Stevens
Nick McQuaker
Gospel Partnerships
Brian O’Donoghue
St Helen’s Bishopsgate
Craig Dyer
Christianity Explored Ministries

What we believe