Striving side by side for the gospel

A Passion for Life is not a big organisation with teams of people and an annual budget to spend. We're disciples of the Lord Jesus – from a range of  evangelical churches and ministries – offering time, energy, resources and our spiritual gifts to advance the cause of Christ across the UK and Ireland. Would you like to be a part of the movement?

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Video for leaders

Nick McQuaker, co-chair of A Passion for Life, explains the vision and the timelines of the mission.

Briefing papers for leaders

Please share with your leadership team and your networks.

Video for church family

The current focus is on mobilising leaders. We hope to have material to excite the wider church family available soon.

Coming soon.

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Monthly prayer briefing

Please get your church family praying for the Lord’s mission across the UK and Ireland.

For our churches

Pray with brothers and sisters across the UK & Ireland as we seek to strengthen the culture of mission in the churches we serve.

For A Passion for Life

Pray for the resource development and mission planning to advance the gospel. 16 September @12pm.

Support the work financially

Why give

Rico Tice interviews co-chair Jeremy Marshall on the reasons to invest in this gospel cause.

How to give

Here are the details of how you can support A Passion for Life financially.

Raising funds

Please prayerfully consider whether your church mission budget or your friends would want to support this mission endeavour across the UK and Ireland.