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Sharing the Good News – Bible Sharing Resources

Opening the Bible one-to-one with non-Christian friends, family or colleagues is a fantastic way to introduce them to Jesus. Here are some of the resources in use in the UK, with details on their distinctives.


A Better Hero/A Better Life

Tom Heasman / Dundonald Church

Bible book and format

Mark and John’s Gospels.

‘Mini-studies’ on short excerpts from the Gospels, with three questions on each spread to discuss. Designed to start conversations about Jesus. Can be downloaded or ordered online at somethingbetter.org.uk.

Our reviewers said...

“We use these as free giveaways at all our evangelistic events, to encourage people to start a conversation about the person of Jesus.”

Richard Borgonon and William Taylor

Bible book and format

John’s Gospel
Acts to be published online in 2022

Evangelistic guided read through of John’s Gospel, verse by verse, with the Bible text on the left hand side and notes on the right. Broken down into 42 ‘episodes’, published as 11 short books. Can be downloaded free online. Supported with online/in person training and webinars.

Our reviewers said...

“The format does a wonderful job of giving a big picture context while not missing significant details. The ‘episode’ format is unique and causes you to slow down.”

UCCF: The Christian Unions

Bible book and format

Mark, Luke and John’s Gospels

Snapshot Bible studies in three of the gospels, originally aimed at students. Uncover Mark and John come with ‘seeker Bible studies’ within the gospel booklet. The Uncover Luke Bible studies can be bought separately. Supported with online videos, FAQs etc.

Our reviewers said...

“Great one to one resource for an introduction to Jesus, especially suitable for a younger audience.”

Uncovering the Life of Jesus

Rebecca Manley Pippert

Bible book and format

Luke’s Gospel

Evangelistic Bible studies looking at 6 encounters with Jesus from Luke’s Gospel. Historical setting and background for each passage, plus the passage and discussion questions.