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Sharing the Good News – Booklets, Giveaways & Websites

Many of us will have had conversations with friends or colleagues and have wanted to follow up by giving them something short to read, or a website to look at. Or we’re planning an outreach event and are wondering what we could give as follow up.

We asked nine experienced evangelists and local church leaders for their ‘go to’ recommendations for booklets, giveaways and websites (and why these are their top picks).

Booklets & Giveways

Good News Newspaper

Good News Fellowship UK

Our reviewers said...

“Monthly 8 page evangelistic newspaper with lots of testimonies, aiming to be as jargon-free and accessible as possible.”

Good Question

Carl Laferton

Our reviewers said...

“Really simple entry level overview of some of the main big questions around Christianity.”

Knowing God Personally

Cru/Agapé UK

Our reviewers said...

“Short, simple booklet about how to come into a relationship with God. Clear on sin, judgement and atonement. Also includes helpful material on growing as a Christian.”

Life that Lasts

Rico Tice

Our reviewers said...

“Short booklet focusing on John 7:37-38 and how Jesus alone can quench our real thirst. Produced specifically for Life ‘22.”

Life Magazine


Our reviewers said...

“Twice-yearly evangelistic magazine distributed across the UK, including testimonies, gospel tracts, recipes and pages for children.”


UCCF: The Christian Unions


Apologetics website with different sections on ‘Explore’, ‘Engage’, ‘Compare’ and ‘Relate’. Masses of different material, including videos, audio and written articles. Aimed particularly at students but much broader in appeal.

Christianity Explored Ministries


Excellent, easy to navigate content, including a gospel presentation, answers to tough questions and real life stories.

Dundonald Church, Raynes Park


Simple, well-presented resources (including booklets and short videos) on the theme of searching for something better, pointing people to Christ.



Short, shareable videos answering a wide range of questions about Christianity, including videos on freedom, sexuality, suffering and hypocrisy.