Plan, build and promote your Life mission.

Get resources and tools to help you take your Life mission far and wide.

Promoting your mission

Maximise the impact and reach of your mission in five simple steps.

1. Plan your mission

Find ideas and book evangelistic speakers for your mission.

2. Tell your church family

Inform and inspire your church family about the mission.

3. Order promotional materials

Promote your mission with banners, posters and flyers.

4. Create invites for your events

Learn how to design and print your event invitations.

5. Buy evangelistic resources

Evangelistic resources to help people explore life in Jesus.

Plan your mission

Mission planner

Not sure what you’ll do for the month of mission? We’ve put together a guide to help you think through the context of your church, your people and how you can reach your communities with the gospel.

Mission ideas

Gathered from across the UK and Ireland, these articles will give you some ideas and help you consider who to reach and how you might do it. The mission planner will help you navigate these articles.

Evangelistic speakers

Check out a list of potential speakers that are available for churches to book as part of their mission activity.

Tell your church family about the mission

Introduce the Life mission and inspire your church family in prayer with our promotional materials and prayer cards.

Get your promotional materials

Order promotional materials for your Life mission from our shop, including banners and posters.
Please note, orders close on 31st January

Order Life bulbs for your church

Buy or make your own large-scale Life bulbs.

How to promote your mission

Learn how to promote your Life mission with our step-by-step guides.

How to promote your Life mission

This guide will help you with ideas and inspiration as you promote your Life mission, both to your own church family and to your wider community.

How to use digital channels

Find out how you can use digital channels like Facebook and Instagram to promote your Life mission.

How to create flyers for your events

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to design and print flyers to invite people to your events.

Where to buy your Life Bulbs

A guide for how to get hold of your own Life bulbs to display in your home or your church

Create invitations for your events

Design and print your own event invitations. We provide a how to guide, hand-picked stock photography to save you time, a font and a template for the back of your flyer.
How it works
  1. Read our how-to guide to learn how to design and print your invitation
  2. Browse our event photography catalogue to download imagery
  3. Design your flyers, and print them using our list

Purchase evangelistic resources

Get evangelistic resources to help people find life that lasts in Jesus. Use them to start conversations or to follow up after events.

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