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How to organise a sports quiz

In the UK millions of people play sport every week – in fact there’s almost certainly a good number of sports players that live within a few minutes of your doorstep! If you want to put on a highly entertaining sports evening without breaking sweat, try a sports quiz. A sports quiz is a particularly good way of attracting non-Christian sports players and enthusiasts of all ages and can be organised easily, without any great expertise or significant cost.

The purpose

A sports quiz can provide an ideal environment for forming and strengthening friendships within the local community…

A sports quiz can provide an ideal environment for forming and strengthening friendships within the local community, or for a more openly evangelistic event where the purpose is to present the gospel in a way that encourages non-Christians to challenge their own understanding. Either way it’s great to identify your target audience and set out clear objectives for the event.

The programme

You can organise your quiz night programme to suit the people you are aiming to reach. Most people are already familiar with the concept of a sports quiz, so stick to the quiz as the main focus of the evening and involve everyone with questions that appeal to all ages. In addition, you may want to add to the quiz – perhaps a game show with ‘celebrity’ panels of guests, a drama and possibly a light supper or refreshments.

The practicalities

First decide on who you aim to attract. A sports quiz can be fun for anyone who loves sport, but it’s important to consider your target audience. If your focus is more on local families and community, you need to consider slightly different questions to suit a range of ages, with some just for the kids. Once you have decided on the audience, you will need to consider the following:

  • The venue – your church premises may be as good as anywhere if you have space and a car park. Alternatively, book a local sports club’s lounge/bar. Your local football, rugby, cricket or squash club may well have rooms for hire at reasonable rates.
  • The date – as with all events, if you plan to invite a speaker, contact them first to find out a suitable date, then provisionally book the venue.
  • A team of helpers – including a good Question Master and someone such as your church leader to welcome people and MC the event. Additional help will be required if you’re catering for the event at your church or venue.
  • Have a clear structure outlined before you publicise the event. If a presentation of the gospel (like a talk or testimony) will form part of the evening then make sure this is clear on the invite so that guests aren’t ambushed by something they aren’t expecting.


The best way to publicise the sports quiz and to ensure that the quiz attracts sportspeople is for Christian sportspeople to invite their teammates.

The best way to publicise the sports quiz and to ensure that the quiz attracts sportspeople is for Christian sportspeople to invite their teammates. Beyond this, posters, a notice in the church’s notice sheet and advertising on social media may also help to get the word out. All these are available via the Christians in Sport website linked at the end of this article.


Experience tells us a sports quiz works best when accompanied by a meal. Eating food together provides a great environment for conversation, and we recommend providing some snacks/nibbles on the tables as well as a hot main meal, dessert and tea and coffee.

If providing a full meal to accompany the quiz isn’t possible, we would at least recommend putting some snacks or nibbles on the tables.


Cost ideally shouldn’t stop guests from attending the sports quiz, so it is recommended that the quiz is free of charge for guests. However, if costs are incurred as a result of venue hire or catering, you will need to ensure that these are covered, but do try to make sure that cost doesn’t prohibit guests from attending. Maybe have a donation bowl next to the door for guests to contribute if they can.

Christians in Sport provide the sports quiz package free of charge, details of which can be found in the links at the end of this article.


Have response cards and pens available on the tables for guests to make a discreet response (if they wish). Make sure your speaker knows about the cards. Ensure you have a follow-up strategy for after the event. Courses such as Christianity Explored can be great follow-up events to encourage guests to find out more about the good news of Jesus. Similarly, encouraging your congregation to intentionally follow up with their guests with an invite to church, or to meet up to share their faith over coffee, is a good idea.


For more detailed resources on running a sports quiz head to the Christians in Sport website: www.christiansinsport.org.uk/sportsquiz

On it you will find a ready-made full multimedia quiz with six rounds (and an optional icebreaker) and everything you need to run it, as well as pre-made publicity designs that are easy to adapt, and helpful pointers on how and when to share the gospel message at your event.

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