David Hutchings

Christ the Light Church, York
Popular-level writer on science and Christianity, and the history of science; physics teacher; elder at Christ the Light; regular speaker at churches, schools, universities, and conferences; husband, and father to two young girls; long-suffering Arsenal fan.

Speaking formats

Evangelistic sermon, Evangelistic talk, Evangelistic interview/testimony

Notes: Seminars/training on God and Science or other apologetics topics.

Travel information

Willing to travel more widely

Preferred Gender Focus


Preferred age groups

Youth and children, 18-30, 30-50, 50+


I am away from April 3rd to 19th, inclusive.

Any other info.

    Happy to also speak at other times in the year, if that would help! My books are Let There Be Science (Lion, 2017); God, Stephen Hawking and the Multiverse (SPCK 2020); Of Popes and Unicorns (Oxford University Press, 2022).

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