James McKinnel

Redeemer Church and Winchester College
I'm a member of Redeemer Church, Winchester, which we helped plant three years ago. I lead and preach from time to time, and am involved in the children's work. My day job is as a History teacher and chaplain at a boarding school - Winchester College - which my wife and I have found to be an exciting and fruitful place to share the Gospel. It's a privilege to have regular invitations to speak at other schools. I'm overall leader of Sparkford 1, a CPAS summer camp, which takes place each July in Somerset.

Speaking formats

Evangelistic sermon, Evangelistic talk, Evangelistic interview/testimony

Travel information

Within region, Willing to travel more widely, Online

Preferred Gender Focus


Preferred age groups

Youth and children, 18-30, 30-50, 50+

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    Generally available

    Any other info.

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