Every Christian making Jesus known

Equip yourself and your church family in personal evangelism.

Personal evangelism training for anyone, anywhere.

Choose from 21 interactive training sessions, designed to help you and your church share the good news of Jesus with those around you.

Each full session includes:

  • An inspiring, Biblically faithful training video from an experienced trainer.
  • Encouraging stories from everyday believers.
  • Suggested passage of Scripture to reflect on, discussion questions and practical exercises.
Watch the videos

To explore the training videos from all 21 sessions, they are available for anyone to watch, whenever they like.

Equip your church family

To browse and download the full sessions for use in a local church meeting, please register for the Leader’s Area.

Download the planner

A simple tool to help you browse the sessions and pencil in time for training your church family.

The Personal Evangelism training resources are ready for you and your church family to enjoy and benefit from.
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