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Mae gennym hefyd gwrs o chwech fideo Cymraeg.
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Encouraging stories from everyday believers
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“We are sharing the training with ministries and homegroups, and will have a couple whole church training nights using the material (we plan to use ‘Crossing the pain line’ and ‘Prayer in evangelism’ for that). Other sessions will be drip fed in smaller ways in a monthly service slot. And we want to encourage individuals to access them too.”

Karen Clark
Carrubers Christian Centre, Edinburgh

“Our small Bible study groups – students, twenties and life groups (home based groups for all ages) – are all using the material for part of their studies this term.

Our Life Groups started the term with two sessions from the ‘Loving Connection’, moved on to studies in 1 Corinthians as we followed our Sunday morning sermon series, and will end the term with three from the ‘Intentionally Bible-driven’ category. Next term it will be more of the same, as we begin the term with two or three from the ‘Faithful Witness’ category. We have found it really helpful to combine the two elements in this way.”

Elspeth Pitt
Highfields Church, Cardiff

“We’re planning to use these as our small groups material for the whole of the Easter term. We’d love God to grow a culture of brave, wise evangelism. It looks like these will really help.”

Alice Cornes
St Philemon’s Church, Toxteth
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