Let’s see the harvest this summer

The APFL delivery team have jotted down some ideas to help Christians prepare for personal evangelism training in the autumn and a nationwide month of mission in the lead up to Easter 2022.

Evangelism might be the last thing on our minds after a tough pandemic period for most of us.

But the harvest remains plentiful.

“Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” John 4:35

In fact, the people we know are probably more aware of their own mortality than before.

Some have had their false gods – the things they go to for security and hope and meaning – exposed as fakes, smashed!

And whilst many have shrugged their shoulders and will go on living exactly as they did before, others have been shaken and will be desperate for community, friendship and meaningful conversation as they search for something that satisfies.

We simply won’t know where people are at until we engage with them.

A Passion for Life exists to mobilise and encourage Christians in local churches across the UK and Ireland to make Jesus known.

Some have been asking us for ideas on how to use the summer – especially as many churches are preparing for personal evangelism training in the autumn, and working towards a month of mission in the lead up to Easter 2022.

Here are some things you might do this summer:

  • Team up – Why not link up with one or two Christian brothers or sisters and share honestly where you are in your thinking about the lost and your willingness and ability to share your life and the gospel with them?
  • Pray – Why not get together to pray a few times during the summer? Pray for each other and for the people God has placed in your lives. Pray for discernment, for the Lord to lay on your heart the people He wants you to invest time and energy in. Pray for opportunities to connect with them.
  • Connect – Could you get in touch and show hospitality – either by inviting people over or buying them a coffee/drink and spending time with them? Find out how they are doing. Listen to their fears and their dreams, give them your interest. Commit to praying for them. As the Lord gives opportunity, tell them why Jesus being in charge is great news and how that gives us real and lasting hope. Be willing to journey with them and to help them explore Jesus for themselves.
  • Prepare – We all need to make progress in our love for people and our ability to share the gospel of Jesus with them. In the autumn, many local churches will train their people to help us all grow as disciples on our Lord’s mission. Why not prepare for that training by reading a book to spark some ideas and help you think how you can share Jesus with renewed focus and energy? Perhaps you and your praying partners could read together? 10ofthose have created this discounted book bundle which you could buy as a church, or you could just buy one title and be encouraged.

The harvest remains plentiful. This summer let’s ask the Lord to open our eyes to see people as He does.

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